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That Time I Spent Way Too Much $$$ On A Pair Of Boots

My closet is full of staples and not much more since I’m usually in jeans and a black shirt for work. Last fall, I had just stocked up on plain t-shirts, flannel, and socks (because #PayDay) when I found the most beautiful pair of shoes. Why spend gobs of money on blouses and skirts and dresses when SHOES.
Quick story about Red Wing. My husband Dan took me along to the Red Wing store a few years ago when it was time to buy him new steel toe boots for work. Because who wants a 200 pound projector in a road case to roll over your foot? The service he experienced was top-notch. He spent $235 on a pair of work boots. Three or so years later, they’re going strong. I had (key word: HAD) never spent that much on a pair of shoes before, and I had a good laugh about it. I was so amused by this fact, I instagrammed the receipt. Fast forward a few year, and I spent well over this for my first pair of Red Wings.
Dan told me about the Red Wing Heritage line some time in 2015, and I thought they were amazing. Of course I drooled over hand-crafted leather boots from a company that Dan swears by. But there were only men’s shoes, and I didn’t quite like the styles enough to buy a men’s size 5 for me. There was no women’s line until last September, but neither of us had any idea it had launched! Zip! Nada! No clue! Back in October, Dan needed to give his work boots a good oiling and wanted to look for some new non-steel toe work shoes. We made a quick trip to the Red Wing store in Smyrna, TN, and the first thing I saw when I walked in was the Lillian Boot in cognac. While Dan shopped and tried on a few pairs of shoes, I drooled over these boots. Every time he told me to try them on, I refused. I knew if I put them on, I’d fall in love with them. I was not about to fall in love with a shoe and not be able to walk out with it.
Dan made his selection, and when we went to check out, he told the salesperson I wanted to try them on. She only had them in a 7.5. I was this close ** to being devastated. For western-style boots and booties, I typically wear a 7 or 6.5. I tried them on anyway, and they fit like a glove. I couldn’t walk out of the store without them. Many thanks to Dan for sharing a tiny portion of his recent bonus check to buy me these boots that’ll last forever.

*photo from Red Wing Heritage
These shoes are the most high-quality shoes I have ever purchased. They fit perfectly, and if you get this particular style, I would go up half a size. I’ve worn them with a regular-weight ankle sock and a light-weight, long boot sock. The thickness of these socks is perfect. Not too much that the leather squeezes me and not too little that my foot is sliding around. The heel height is perfect. And who can resist the smell of brand new leather? Red Wing will do repairs for a small fee, oil shoes for free, and give you new laces for free. The Lillians, along with many more in all the Red Wing lines, can be resoled too! If the craftsmanship is anything like Dan’s steel-toes, I will wear through the sole long before the leather AND that doesn’t even matter. Here’s to next 15 years with the most beautiful pair of booties ever.
My favorite things to pair with them:
Woolrich Flannel (Linked to the actual Woolrich site here, but if you have a Sam’s Club near you, you can get them for under $25 there!)
Black Old Navy Tank
FAVORITE Old Navy Jeans