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August Favorites

Y’all. I had two big paychecks come in during the third week of August. The worst part about freelancing is the budgeting aspect. I can handle the crazy hours,and the walking into the unknown, but the budgeting sometimes gets to me. I worked ten days of an 11 day gig July 19th through 29th. I got my check on August 24th. It was a lovely paycheck that was worth the work and the wait. Couple that with my paycheck from my SIXTH! Belmont Welcome Week, I was able set a budget for September and October. That’s the hard part about freelancing. Two big checks come in at once, and I can’t just spend blindly. They’ve got to go toward paying bills. Oh, and then there’s the whole not get lazy and find some more gigs thing.
Throughout the summer, I had focused on paying off hospital bills so I didn’t spend or set aside money for some things I needed or had my eye on. I set aside a portion of my paychecks to buy some things. Here are some of my recent purchases that I love!

Tula Probiotic Skincare
I found out about this brand when I read Krista’s post about her skincare routine. I’ve been following her for a long time, and I think we have really similar skin problems. Late last fall, I started developing acne along my chin and forehead. It was so bad, it actually hurt! I tried everything. When I was younger, I never had terrible acne- only the occasional zit. I cut out added sugar and stopped drinking Coke. I changed a lot of eating habits. I started working out more and washing my face immediately after. I even caved and bought Proactiv! (Side note: I could write an entire post about what it’s like to cancel Proactiv.) None of this worked. I finally bought this Neutrogena wash T on a whim because I saw that it had a much high concentration of benzoyl peroxide than Proactiv did! (Seriously, do not buy Proactiv!) It immediately helped my forehead and chin clear up, but I still had discoloration on my forehead. At my annual skin exam, I told my dermatologist nurse practitioner that we had to do something. I just couldn’t deal with this anymore. She recommended we try some topical creams. It’s made a huge difference. Seriously, if you’re having skin issues, go see a dermatologist! I wasted so much money on so many products when I could have put that money toward going to the dermatologist.
ANYWAY. I’ve been on the lookout for a new face wash. When using a retinol cream, it was recommended that I don’t use a medicated face wash since it could irritate my skin and cause dryness. I had been using Fresh’s soy face cleanser, but I wasn’t 100% set on it. In Krista’s post, she mentioned that her facialist will only let her use Tula’s cleanser. I first bought the discovery kit two weeks ago, and I’ve already ordered the full size of the cleanser and Hydrating Day & Night Cream. These have already made a huge difference in my skin. You know that kinda slick but tight feeling some facial cleanser leave you with and you mistake it was clean? This cleanser doesn’t do that! The moisturizer is perfectly light, but not so light you feel like it’s not doing anything. I cannot recommend this brand enough. I’m definitely a loyal Tula customer now. If you’re interested in a monthly subscription, Tula’s brand website offers a monthly delivery that you can save 10% on.

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Shoes
So I bought this awesome pair of Nikes a while back, and I’m lowkey obsessed with them. They’re super comfy to workout in, and the teal color of gorgeous. I wanted to buy another pair of them just to have a “pristine” pair. I know this is completely irrational. But you’re talking to the girl who just bought four more of the same shirt because she didn’t want to ruin the original one and not have another one. I don’t have a shopping problems, but when I find something I love, I go hard. I own ten of the same black shirt from Old Navy because I’m obsessed with them. Watchu gonna do?
I’ve never considered myself a sneaker obsessed person though, not even a shoes obsessed person. I’ve always been a Nike girl; I’ve never owned another brand since I’ve been making attire decisions for myself. I swear by original Converse. They are my everyday go-to. The most expensive pairs of shoes I own are two pairs from the Red Wing Heritage line. DAMN. They were expensive, but I adore them. Throw in some classic heels, some summer sandals, a pair of cowboy boots, some dressy ankle boots, and Chacos, and that’s my shoe wardrobe. But I bought those stupid teal Nikes, and all of a sudden I wanted EVERY PAIR of sneakers. Tennis shoes is what I grew up calling them. WHATEVER. I want them ALL. Who am I?!
So, I’ve been looking around for a pair of sneaks that aren’t my teal Nikes that I work out and walk the dog in and that aren’t my Chucks. Enter these Adidas shoes. I saw them on Academy’s website, and I thought “Hmm. These might be a good.” I oogled over them for a bit before biting the bullet, going to Academy, and buying the damn things. They’re incredibly comfy and really cute. They’re perfect for running around town. I legit haven’t owned Adidas shoes since I was little. I don’t even care about betraying Nike at this point.

Pixel Eyewear
When I graduated from Belmont, I had no idea I would fall totally in love with doing graphics for live events. I’ll always love doing audio, but man, there’s something special about helping shape visuals for live events. Over the last few years though, I’ve been staring at computers a lot more at work than when I was just doing audio. I’ve walked out of shows with heavy eyes and a headache just from staring at computers. I can handle the long or early hours and the not eating good meals at appropriate times. Looking at the monitors for so long started to bother me.
Krista featured this company in a recent post, and I was super intrigued. I honestly thought the whole computer glasses thing was a little hokey and didn’t think they could help me. Krista is surrounded by monitors at work, and she said these glasses have been a game changer for her. Since my work situation is similar to hers in that there are SO MANY screens EVERYWHERE when I’m doing graphics, I figured why not try it.
So I bought a pair. They’ve completely changed my life. I thought I would only use them at work, but I’ve used them pretty much any time I’ve been in front of my computer or TV. My eyes don’t feel as strained after a long show call, and I haven’t had any headaches. If you work a ton with computers, I cannot recommend these enough!

Juice Beauty Moisturizer
I’m really into finding safe, effective sunscreen every summer. It’s always an adventure going through EWG’s sunscreen guide. I’ve found a few awesome sunscreens that I really love, but I have struggled finding a SPF moisturizer that actually moisturizes AND protects my skin. I tried out this Juice Beauty oil free 30 SPF moisturizer and ended up liking it. When I first opened it and put it on my fingers, I was super skeptical. It looks like it has a light tint to it, but it goes on clear. It also doesn’t have a typical SPF moisturizer smell. It weirded me out a little in the beginning, but I’ve gotten used to it over the last few months. It’s been a great daily moisturizer. It doesn’t feel like it’s sliding off my face when I’m walking the dog or working out. It’s a bit hard to rub in so I find myself having to take my time and remind myself to not rub hard.

Full disclosure: I haven’t put this on under any makeup other than eyeliner and mascara. I don’t think this would be the best moisturizer to use under foundation even if you used a primer too. I probably won’t put foundation or anything else on top of this. It’s almost too thick to be used under foundation. Generally when I wear a full face of makeup, I’m not going to be spending any time outside so I usually skip a SPF moisturizer anyway.
If you try any of these, let me know!