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    notes from the sky #2

    I want to see Your glory, feel Your thunder⁣
    Always filled with awe and wonder⁣
    Behold Your beauty, all Your splendor⁣
    Always filled with awe and wonder⁣

    “Awe + Wonder” – The Belonging Co.


    The past two weeks have been rough. Words you don’t want to hear. Drives you don’t want to make. Things you don’t want to do. The kind where everything is going horribly SOUTH, like tanking hard, and you can’t do anything about it. ⁣
    I’ve probably cried more than I’ve laughed, which is NOT normal for me. ⁣


    Still here. Still grinding. ⁣

    Still grateful. ⁣

    Always filled with awe & wonder. Thank you, Jesus.

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    notes from the sky #1

    Every time I get on a plane, I make a note on my phone documenting how I’m feeling and what’s going on. Mainly because I don’t want to forget how I’m feeling. I do it on my phone because my journal is always buried at the bottom of my backpack that’s squished under my feet. These are notes from the sky….


    When I only see in part, I will prophesy your promise.⁣
    Because you finish what you start, I will trust you in the process.⁣

    “Prophesy Your Promise” – Brian & Katie Torwalt


    August has always been really busy for me. I just wrapped up my first full month of weekend runs with Bobby + Co. I’m headed into two full weeks of work helping produce my favorite event of the year (Belmont Welcome Week!), production assisting on a show at MCC, and doing gfx for another conference.⁣

    I haven’t slept right since April. This tour started moving so quickly on top of all my side gigs. Although at this point, I’m not sure what the side gig is? I’ve put in a ton of work, and seeing it pay off – every night, every show, every gig – gives me this intense sense of joy and peace. ⁣

    I’ve woken up exhausted for flights and more shows with all of my teams. I’ve learned to trust my gut and trust that others will do their job. I’ve learned when to step in and be gracious & firm in my expectations. I have learned and grown all while surrounded by incredible people. I’ve been grinding so hard in every aspect of any work that’s been throw at me. This has truly been the most fulfilling, most rewarding five months of my career.⁣

    I haven’t been sleeping, but, man, have I been resting in gratitude and in Jesus’s peace. ⁣

    I am so grateful for the moments backstage and the times ProPresenter has crapped out on me and the sleepy eyes on my flights home. I‘m grateful for this place God has brought me to, after all my kicking and screaming. I’m grateful for the space to create experiences with the best people out there. I’m grateful my body hasn’t given out on me, even with a bunch of unexpected tests at Vanderbilt. I’m grateful for my doctors coming up with a plan that allows me to stay on the road. I’m grateful for WiFi and all the dumb work photos on my phone. I’m grateful for last night testing me, my patience, and the fight inside me. I’m grateful for all the hugs and words of encouragement from the people I’ve chosen to be mine.⁣

    Everything about this moment keeps circling back to gratitude. ⁣

    And I’m pretty damn thankful all this hard work is paying off. Thank you, Jesus.