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notes from the sky #4

“I’ll praise before my breakthrough, til my song becomes my triumph.”

Bryan & Katie Torwalt

I’m in the last month of tour. This is the time where all the emotions and questions are crashing in like waves. ⁣⁣

I feel immense pride and joy for what we’ve created. There’s a goodness that covers the crowds I’ve been working with — in the midst of difficult, lonesome, sad times for them (and me). The tears I’ve cried haven’t been for waste. The frustration and grief have pushed me and taught me. Every bit of work I have been doing on the road, in therapy, and at work has ignited change. The excitement of putting someone on stage will never get old just like the sight of Percy Priest at 6 AM as I fly out of BNA. I have felt everything there is to feel this year.⁣⁣
What’s 2020 going to look like for me? Will friendships be repaired in 2020? Will I allow new people in, ones who value me and care for me? Will I know when to walk away? Will I settle into a new routine? Will I be well like my tattoo says I really am?⁣⁣
This entire experience keeps bringing me back to gratitude. And really that’s the way it should be. ⁣⁣
I am damn grateful for the people who choose me and allow me to choose them. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me for find all the answers. And thank you to Dan for picking me up at the airport this morning despite my car being there.